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Dial Hotmail Support Number Australia to Get the Most Reliable Technical Assistance

Hotmail is a very popular web based email that is used by millions of people all over the world. Initially this software was named as “Hotmail” but after a few years the name was changed to “Windows live Hotmail”. Even though Hotmail has a highly robust, customer friendly and efficient interface, mail management, and mailing service users can find some technical issues in its functioning.

In that case one should seek help from Hotmail technical assistance team to get easy, quick, and reliable solutions for all types of issues. In this article we will tell you about ways to contact Hotmail support number Australia.

Why Hotmail Is So Popular

The credit for increased popularity of Hotmail goes with its extraordinary features such as privacy, spam protection, ability to integrate with skydrive, 10 Giga Bytes of attachments allowed in a single mail attachment, dynamic view of images, advanced filter mechanism and categorization of the emails, quick messaging service, text messaging facility, efficient deletion of the unwanted mails etc.

Types of technical issues in Hotmail

There are various types of issues that user can encounter, while operating their Hotmail account, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Recover the forgotten password of account
  • Failing to send attachments
  • Hacking of account
  • Forgetting user id and password
  • Storage space problem
  • Due to poor network connectivity, mail is not getting sent or received
  • Errors while signing up and signing in

However, many people have this common question “What is Hotmail support number Australia?” to solve their technical problem.

Ways to Seek Assistance from Hotmail Support Team

When Hotmail performs unexpected things in your email program or web browser that you have not even thought of then find out immediate help by following ways:

Clicking the Help Button on the Corner of the Page

All you need to do is to visit their help page by clicking on the help link and you will find a collection of helpful articles that would guide you to solve the mail issue. If you have problems in signing in to the Hotmail or login to your Hotmail account, then there is a reset password forgot link will help you in resetting the password easily.

Calling On the Hotmail Support Number +61-283173460

Australia has world’s best technical support centers of Hotmail. By calling on Hotmail support phone number Australia +61-283173460, you can be rest assured to get free, superior quality and immediate access to a technical support professional.

Support Number for Hotmail Australia

Well trained and experienced employees from Hotmail helpline number +61-283173460 will offer help on a public support forum by providing the best possible answer in response to your question.

Not only outstanding email services, This is also known for its best support number for Hotmail +61-283173460. Professionals at Hotmail email helpline number offer customer friendly service and help customer with precise and immediate resolution to technical issues in above mentioned ways.