About the Communist Workers Group (USA)

The Communist Workers Group (USA) was founded in the Summer of 2012. ?Following a bitter struggle with the sectarian abstentionists of the Humanist Workers for Revolutionary Socialism (HWRS) and after an unsuccessful attempt by our international comrades to reunite the organization, the CWG (USA) was founded.

We are a Trotskyist tendency in?Liaison Committee with the Communist Workers Group of New Zealand Aetoria (CWG-NZ) and the Revolutionary? Workers Group of Zimbabwe (RWG-ZIM). ?We seek regroupment of revolutionary Marxists based on the programmatic conquests of the First Workingmen’s International, the Socialist Second International (until its collapse into reformism and social?chauvinism under the nationalistic pressures ?in the face of ?imperialist war in 1914,) the first four congresses of the Third International and the critique of and strategies to expose and defeat imperialism, Stalinism, Social Democracy, the popular front, and fascism developed by the Left Opposition and the Fourth International.

We trace the degeneration, betrayal and death of the Fourth International to the collapse of the International Center during WWII and the descent?into national Trotskyism by the leading sections. ?Vern & Ryan stood up to the role of Lora in the defeat of the Bolivian revolution in 1953 yet their critique was rejected and the Fourth International sealed its fate in betrayal. ?The elevation of Tito and Castro as “unconscious Trotskyists” covered for the Pabloite defeatism in the face of Stalinist?expansion.

On this blog we will post articles of our own, our co-thinkers, and those with whom we debate. We will post our perspective on world events as well as, our take on and participation in the class struggle here in the belly of the beast. ?Our task is to unite with revolutionary Marxists to build a Revolutionary Worker’s International Party with sections in every nation that will help the working masses in the formation ?of their own democratic organizations (worker’s ?councils and workers self-defense guards) ?and prepare them ?to defeat imperialism and construct a socialist international planned economy based on workers power.

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  1. kseeath says:

    Απ? την ιστοσελ?δα τη? ΚΕΔ

    1. Geopolitical conflicts – that did not stop after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the “end of history”- continue amid crisis, with more intensity, leaving always open the threat of a world war. Συν?χεια αν?γνωση? →

    • Mario Labbé says:

      We can not stop the March of History. Karl Marx said in Communist Manifesto : ” All historical movements have so far been made by minorities or for the benefit of minorities. The proletarian movement is the spontaneous movement of the immense majority in favor of the vast majority. The proletariat, lower layer of the present society, can not raise, recover, without blowing the whole superstructure of the layers that make up the official society.” So, we can’t get desperated but enjoyed Historical moment we are living. Our time is a Hope for whole Humanity because contradictions are at the extrem now. This is the best time for the possibility of social révolutions.


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