best casino signup bonus no deposit_login bonus free bets no deposit mobile_Welfare offer mega slot machine games Wed, 30 Jan 2019 14:15:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Hands Off Union Leaders! /2a2/?p=2266#respond Wed, 30 Jan 2019 14:12:57 +0000 /2a2/?p=2266 The following is reprinted from our comrades of the Revolutionary Workers Group of Zimbabwe (RWG-ZIM):


From the 14th of January the government has been arresting trade unionists, opposition leaders, civic leaders and the poor masses. This was as a result of the historic protests cum stay away which shock the regime to its core forcing it to shut down the internet, repress viciously the masses through indiscriminate killings, mass arrests, wanton shootings, torture and rape. The motivation is clear: To silence all opposition to austerity and massive looting of the state as well as to hinder future organisation of the masses.

As we speak four trade union leaders are in jail facing serious charges ranging from subversion to treason. The president and secretary general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) as well as their counterparts from the radical teachers¡¯ union, the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ). Other leaders are on the run and some in hiding. The motivation and intention of the state is to weaken and crush the workers movement as a pre-condition for the successful implementation of further austerity measures meant to make the workers and poor masses pay for the crisis of capitalism and corruption by elites.

Whilst the government has also moved to arrest opposition leaders as well civic leaders it is clear that their real target are the poor masses and trade union leaders whose constituency poses a real threat to their pro imperialism policies. The opposition and civic elites do not oppose the massive austerity measures being forced on the population. Their stated goal is to force the government to a negotiating table with the intention of producing another Government of National Unity (GNU) premised on pro capital policies. Ordinary workers, the poor and urban youths who have been arrested are being denied bail and their cases fast tracked to instill fear in the population calculated at discouraging participation in future protests.

Through the arrests, trials and subsequent sentences the government is engaging in direct class warfare against the working and poor population in the service of capitalism and imperialism. The state has clearly transformed from a police state under Mugabe to a military state where the military is now a key player in enforcing ¡°law¡± and serving imperialism. This is not peculiar but a necessary expression of the nature of class antagonisms and tasks. The workers, poor peasants, urban poor, poor youths and unemployed must realise this and respond accordingly. Reliance on the rule of law, petitioning regional and international state bodies is not enough and on their own such methods ultimately lead to defeat and demoralization. Class methods must be utilised. Organised militant mass action, leading to a general strike, which is organized and defended by the ordinary poor masses, is a must if our class is to conquer its interests. Solidarity from the international workers movement is a must.

– Free all trade unionists and political prisoners now!

– Stop the persecution and repression of the poor masses and their leaders!

– For the full right to strike, protest, assemble and expression!

– A living Wage! Workers fight for a living wage and better working conditions through mass action controlled by ordinary workers!

– Against unemployment and destitution we demand a sliding scale of working hours to provide decent jobs for all through massive public works programs to provide housing, education and medical care for all!

– Against the ever rising prices and inflation we demand a sliding scale of wages!

– For free, comprehensive and secular education for all!

– For free quality health for all!

– Workers take back your unions!

– Organise the unorganised! Form unions of the unemployed as fully affiliated unions!

¨C The government and city municipalities must stop the attack on the vendors!

– Militant workers to form class struggle caucuses in the unions to fight for this program!

– Workers to form strike committees to lead the resistance to the growing attacks on the wages and working conditions of the poor and the livelihood of the majority poor!

– Workers to form workers defence guards for defence against state violence!

– A national strike committee to organise and plan for a general strike!

¨C For a workers government on the basis of the armed people to implement decisions that benefit the workers and the poor!

– Nationalisation of all companies without indemnification to the big shareholders under workers control!

– Land to be distributed to all poor peasants together with a state bank to provide inputs to all small farmers!

– A workers state that defends workers, peasants and the poor masses against the local and foreign capitalists!

– An African socialist revolution as part of the international revolution that alone can guarantee a better life for all!

– A new WORLD PARTY of socialist revolution based on the TRANSITIONAL PROGRAM of 1938 to lead the revolution to end capitalism and open the road to socialism!

Revolutionary Workers Group of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe section of the Liaison Committee of Communists)

30 January 2019

Harare, Zimbabwe

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U.S. Hands Off Venezuela! /2a2/?p=2264#respond Wed, 30 Jan 2019 03:05:25 +0000 /2a2/?p=2264 best casino signup bonus no deposit_login bonus free bets no deposit mobile_Welfare offer mega slot machine games

Maduro and United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) are not capable of resolving the crisis of capitalism and defeating right populist and imperialist coups d¡¯etats in the long run. Rightist reaction makes headway exactly and only where the crisis of working class leadership is not resolved in the workers¡¯ favor. Maduro¡¯s regime is a ¡°left-Populist¡± model of bourgeois power, of the dictatorship of Capital, that seeks to maneuver between the imperialist blocs and ultimately fails, leaving the masses where they were before, subjugated to the dictates of global capital and as objects to be exploited in inter-imperialist geopolitics.

We have often said, and it has proven to be true, that the PSUV, the Chavez ¡°United Socialist Party of Venezuela,¡± has always been a popular front, all by itself, in its class membership composition and its program. When state power is held by such a party, the result is no different than the more classical popular front version of a coalition of reformist workers parties with one or more parties of the bourgeoisie. When such regimes fail it is the masses who pay the price. That is, of course, unless the social vanguard is ?prepared to solve the crisis of proletarian leadership. This is the ideological struggle between Menshevism and Bolshevism in the modern context. The ¡°socialists¡± take power and administer capitalism. Or the workers seize power!

We can already see how the struggle within the U.S. ruling class between Trumpsters and the neo-con layers of ?historical rightism has resulted in the appointment of Elliot Abrams as Special Envoy for Venezuela. This is the same Abrams, who under threat of felony prosecution took a plea deal and was ?convicted of withholding information from Congress in the Iran/Contra affair. He was an apologist for the Mozote massacre of over 500 in El Salvador and facilitator of any number of other such ¡°fabulous achievements¡± for which he was charged but never tried. He is the capitalists¡¯ equivalent of a mob enforcer, i.e., a persuader of enforcers. And he is now in charge of crushing the Venezuelan revolution.

Chavismo, an ideology based on a failed putchist¡¯s rise to power as a ¡°left-populist¡± was always incapable itself of freeing the country from the shackles of imperialism and establishing socialism. ?Relying on administration of the capitalist state it, never desired to or tried to build a revolutionary workers party capable of making the socialist revolution. Rather, it recreated the often tried and often failed ¡®bloc of classes¡¯ model in the name of an ¡°anti-imperialist¡± 21st ?century Socialism. This ¡°socialism¡± sought Win Win deals with like-minded ¡°socialists¡± in China, where the bloc of four classes ideology has led to the resurgence of the capitalist mode of production with the ¡°communist¡± party in power. Because of their faith in the ¡°progressive¡± sectors of the bourgeoisie and in Chinese and Cuban socialism, the Chavistas prevented the popular assemblies from growing into revolutionary workers councils which armed the masses to establish direct democratic workers control of the economy and make the socialist revolution. ??Instead the Chavistas used their party to bloc with the ¡°progressive¡± bourgeoisie–the ¡°bolio-bourgeoisie¡± and this bloc tied the workers trapped in the Chavista party to their own capitalist state and blocked their road to power.

The Venezuelan National Assembly is not an institution that serves the working masses of Venezuela, but the capitalist government of Maduro AND property rights that defy the official land reform, which ?in any event actually guarantees the ownership rights of the latifundistas who can prove title dating to 1848, i.e., the biggest landowners! In total contrast we say the democratic organizations of the working class are the trade unions, the factory and workplace committees, worker and union self-defense guards, worker assemblies, workers councils and a revolutionary workers party and revolutionary workers¡¯ International. We say expropriate the latifundistas and land to those who till it! For a Planned economy to employ and feed everyone!

Today in Latin America after decades of experiments in bourgeois ¡°democracy,¡± sloganeering for another constituent assembly builds illusions in the failed forms of cross-class democracy. ?Our fight is for the formation of workers councils and a government of workers councils that takes all political power into the hands of the workers¡¯ self-organized bodies. A constituent assembly, ¡°revolutionary¡± or otherwise, is only a detour and an obstacle to the path to workers power. A cross-class assembly will only serve the reaction. We call for workers councils and an All-Venezuela Council of Workers¡¯ deputies. These should be immediately recallable by the local bodies.

The history of Popular Fronts has in all cases and varieties been an interregnum permitting rightism to prepare its revenge upon the masses. Likewise, where all petty-bourgeois tendencies in the workers¡¯ movement embrace a nationalist and minimalist program, worker revolutionists propel an internationalist perspective, an international party, an explicit transitional program and the permanent revolution, where all the democratic tasks are carried through to consummation and exceeded and outgrown by concretizing the socialism of ¡°from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs!¡±

To defeat the designs of imperialism, whether USA sanctions and ?intervention, Chinese debt servitude or Russian projects and influence, the task before the working class is not to defend the Maduro government against the right power grab but to defend Venezuela against all expropriators of the national wealth and the imperialist and proxy militaries assembled in the wings. Maduro will not and cannot defend you! Russian mercenaries are assembled to defend Maduro while Elliot Abrams and war hawks in Washington dust off contingency plans. The URGENT task for revolutionary workers is to break from Maduro and build a revolutionary workers party that fights for the power of workers councils and workers militias. ?A party which breaks the ranks of the armed forces from defense of the capitalist order and arms the workers and peasants to oppose imperialist intervention, proxy army invaders and rightist coup leaders. Socialism cannot be built in one country. A workers government in Venezuela would need to extend the socialist revolution to Latin America and all of South America and beyond.

The revolutionary cancellation of the debt to all imperialists will put a ?workers government in direct conflict with Chinese imperialism. China is owed $23 billion, a debt which takes half of Venezuelan oil revenue proceeds to sustain. ?For a rentier state with a one crop economy this debt to China is strangling the nation in the name of 21st century socialism. Chavez cut deals to provide underpriced oil to China in return for loans, which were lauded by the left as the foreign aid of ?a ¡±workers State¡± (International Communist League-ICL and other Robertsonites) or as anti-imperialist solidarity by the World Social Forum (WSF), Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), Workers World Party (WWP), etc. Only revolutionary cancellation of debts to imperialists will permit long-term solving of the food crisis when linked to an internationalist perspective of socialist federation of Latin America, a planned workers economy that unites the cities and the countryside.















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ZIMBABWE: FOR A GENERAL STRIKE TO DEFEAT AUSTERITY AND DICTATORSHIP! /2a2/?p=2261#respond Sun, 20 Jan 2019 15:57:16 +0000 /2a2/?p=2261 From Monday the 14th of January 2019 the post-Mugabe pro austerity Mnangagwa-Chiwenga junta government ?has been violently killing, arresting, maiming, injuring, victimising and torturing the ordinary poor masses, workers, activists and trade union leaders. It is estimated that as of now over a dozen people have been killed, nearly 400 injured and way above 600 arrested and waiting fast track hearings. This was in response to a Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions¡¯ (ZCTU) call to stay away as well as the spontaneous towns and townships protests by the suffering and angry youths and urban poor protesting the effects of the austerity measures by the government keen to forcibly place the burden of paying for the crisis on the shoulders of the poor. Since Tuesday the government has been issuing directives for the closure of internet services in order to conceal its brutality and curtail further organising and mobilising. As we write a bit of ¡°normalcy¡± has returned though it is bound to be short lived.

Even though Zimbabwe has been engulfed in a crisis characterised by de-industrilisation, informalisation and rising inflation, the fiscal and monetary policy announcements in October last year made the situation worse as prices of basics doubled, production dropped and the liquidity crisis deepened. However, it is last weekend¡¯s announcement by the president to raise by over 150% the prices of petrol and diesel that triggered the outburst of anger and frustration. This was on the back of a 40 day strike by doctors and radiographers, a march by teachers and notices of intention to strike by civil servants and the private sector workers. Most people cannot afford to put food at their tables let alone send children to school. Those who have been thrown out of employment and those failing to secure jobs are being harassed by the central and municipal authorities for trying to make a living. Immediately after announcing the fuel hike Mnangagwa quickly left for Russia. This shows that the attack was designed to prove his fitness to control the masses as an incentive for more FDI. The trip will end in Davos where he will be offering Zimbabwean cheap labour and resources to other imperialist powers.

Unions and civic groups are under pressure from the suffering masses to take a lead or risk irrelevancy. The ZCTU was spurred by the boiling anger to call for action despite a notice it had given to the government. The civil service unions, including conservative ones, have been forced to make radical proclamations to maintain control of their base. But the interests of ordinary workers and poor masses are different from those of most of the union leaders, mainstream opposition and even business which have encouraged its workers to take part in the action. For most of the trade unions this was an opportunity to simply maintain control of members and ultimately prepare for retreats. For the main opposition, alongside its civic society surrogates, this is seen as a perfect opportunity to pressure the government to invite them for dialogue that has to lead to a second Government of National Unity (GNU). Business wants the government to solve the monetary fundamentals that are creating uncertainty for them.

The interests of the poor masses and workers are clear and at variance to the above because of class backgrounds. Workers and poor masses want a meaningful life, a living wage, good working conditions, employment and a chance to earn a decent living. In the maze of the stay away and protests the voices of the poor and working masses were drowned in the call for national dialogue and return to constitutionality. The regime will certainly abandon any fiction of democracy to repress resistance to its austerity as it has no option in order to please imperialism. Liberal democracy, social democracy, dictatorship and fascism are thus only different forms of bourgeoisie rule. The state is repressing and attacking not because it likes that but simply because it cannot solve the crisis of capitalism in Zimbabwe without resorting to force. Therefore the material objective basis of the state brutality is the deep capitalist crisis in a semi colony under sanctions in the context of a global economic slowdown.

Workers and the poor masses must realise that a dialogue of elites will not solve their fundamental problems. Elites want to be able to share the little crumbs from the imperialists¡¯ table in return for managing the exploitation of the masses. The interests of the liberal civic groups and deceptive labour bureaucrats¡¯ must be exposed and defeated. Workers must defend their unions at all costs. There is need for workers to form cross union strike and action committees to coordinate and organise a general strike beyond the limitations of the trade union leaders interested in limited useless actions. Theses committees must also organise in communities and educational institutions. The brutality of the state can only be defeated by workers militias working in alliance with poor masses, peasants and the youths. We call for an international campaign to free the union leaders who have been grabbed by the army to intimidate the ranks. All organisations of the poor masses and socialists must support the struggle of workers and the poor .Rank and file workers should demand that unions call for a coordinated indefinite general strike, on the basis of working people¡¯s demands and methods, which alone can force the government to backtrack on austerity and repression and ultimately lay the ground for dismantling capitalism which is the source of the crisis.Stop all the persecution and repression of the poor masses and their leaders! Release all those imprisoned!

  • A living Wage! Workers fight for a living wage and better working conditions through mass action controlled by ordinary workers!
  • Against unemployment and destitution we demand a sliding scale of working hours to provide decent jobs for all through massive public works programs to provide housing, education and medical care for all!
  • Against the ever rising prices and inflation we demand a sliding scale of wages!
  • For free, comprehensive and secular education for all!
  • For free quality health for all!
  • Workers take back your unions!
  • Organise the unorganised! Form unions of the unemployed as fully affiliated unions!
  • The government and city municipalities must stop the attack on the vendors!
  • Militant workers to form class struggle caucuses in the unions to fight for this program!
  • Workers to form strike committees to lead the resistance to the growing attacks on the wages and working conditions of the poor and the livelihood of the majority poor!
  • Workers to form workers defence guards for defence against state violence!
  • A national strike committee to organise and plan for a general strike!
  • For a workers government on the basis of the armed people to implement decisions that benefit the workers and the poor!
  • Nationalization of all companies without indemnification to the big shareholders under workers control!
  • Land to be distributed to all poor peasants together with a state bank to provide inputs to all small farmers!
  • A workers state that defends workers, peasants and the poor masses against the local and foreign capitalists!
  • An African socialist revolution as part of the international revolution that alone can guarantee a better life for all!
  • A new WORLD PARTY of socialist revolution based on the TRANSITIONAL PROGRAM of 1938 to lead the revolution to end capitalism and open the road to socialism!

Revolutionary Workers Group of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe section of the Liaison Committee of Communists)

20 January 2019

Harare, Zimbabwe



Publishers of the Revolutionary Worker


Facebook: Revolutionary Workers Group-Zimbabwe


Cell: +263713045654


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Victory to the UTLA Teachers Strike! /2a2/?p=2242#respond Sun, 13 Jan 2019 22:59:48 +0000 /2a2/?p=2242  

Victory to the UTLA Teachers Strike!

Oakland Teachers prepare for Strike with series of Solidarity actions with Los Angeles Teachers, reviving the Red4Ed strike wave of 2018.

 Oakland teachers have been working without contract since July, 2017 and are demanding 12% for three years, which barely covers inflation; management offers only 5%.  The Oakland teachers in the OEA know their struggle is broader than their district and have launched a series of solidarity actions with the UTLA (United Teachers Los Angeles). LA teachers are poised to strike Monday and Solidarity actions with them have been held in the Bay Area uniting Oakland and Fremont teachers with parents, students and trade unionists who feel the pinch and ongoing attack on public education. University of California professors from UPTE see the direct link to the struggle for public education.

The Regents want to take away the cap on insurance contributions by the employees and the regents are facing a pension crunch because they underfunded the pension for 20 years leading up to the 2008 crash, because they were counting on stock market rises to fulfill obligations, as were the State employees pension fund administrators, who now claim their fund will be in the black for the next 20 years. Workers have a right to think their methodology is bogus and even legalized racketeering. They robbed you.

Defending the for-profit health care system is a task taken on by the California Legislature and Governor.  They refused to pass single payer health care.  And as they try to balance the underfunding of pension packages, they do so by forcing employees to make larger contributions for pre-funding retirement medical insurance with deductions now taken by virtue of the last two state worker contracts. This was accomplished by the for-profit partners of Blanning and Baker LLC, which tag teams as the executive director of California Young Democrats and the PECG (state engineer employee union) and CAPS (state scientists employee association).  They  foisted the give back first on the state engineers  and scientists in the 2015 contract, from whence it spread as a fait accompli, across the other state employee unions and now teachers are facing similar demands from the politicos. Will  Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom and his education secretary Tony Thurmond stand with Jerry Brown  and the neo-liberals, or will they stand by the workers, parents and students they promised to protect?  We see the attacks and know their answer.

The attack has been multi-pronged.  Stagnating wages fall behind the actual cost of living in the area teachers work and live. According to the UTLA

¡°Since 2008, the cost of living in LA has increased 27% yet the district offers stagnant wages and healthcare.¡±  Kyle Stokes in News reports, ¡°The parameters of LAUSD’s salary offer to the teachers union remained largely the same ¡ª a 6 percent increase, including 3 percent in back-pay to July 2017 ¡ª though district officials clarified (as they had done informally already) that they would no longer make the raise contingent on teachers completing 12 hours of additional training.¡±

The limits on school resources are driving teachers to make un-reimbursed purchases for teaching materials. The use of PAR evaluations target veteran teachers so they can be replaced by younger teachers at the bottom of the pay scale, and so that veteran teachers do not complete their retirement vestment period for full pension and long term medical insurance. (See link interviews at Labor Video Project¡¯s 8 min mark).

Veteran teachers and parents know that ¡°Class Size Matters¡±  when the districts and state allow overcrowding the classrooms, refuse to provide sufficient teachers and support staff and stagnant wages, you set the districts and individual schools up for failure. This creates the backdrop upon which conservative ¡°reformers¡± promote privatization plans.

Racist For-Profit Union Busting Charter Schools, the baby of billionaires and Democrats 

The bipartisan support for the expansion of for-profit charter schools is a plan for their donor friends to loot the state treasury. Charter schools are an anti-union and racist ploy, according to the National Education Association, to reverse and undo school integration. In some cases, charter schools prevent integration where it never did take place!

¡°While only 4 percent of traditional public schools have student bodies that are 99 percent minority (2014-15 school year data), 17 percent of charter schools are 99 percent minority. Furthermore, of the 6,747 charter schools in the country, more than 1,000 had minority enrollment of at least 99 percent.¡±

Academics (Oluwole & Green III) have shown how the charter system in California is creating a situation that could be worse than the segregation that prevailed under Plessy v. Ferguson.

¡°Consequently, California¡¯s black and Latino students are presently attending public schools that are both racially segregated and poor. The typical Latino student in California attends a school that is 84% nonwhite; three-quarters of the student¡¯s classmates are poor (Orfield & Ee, 2014). Black students on average attend schools that have more than 2.5 times as many Latinos as blacks, ¡°thus making them a minority within a school dominated by another disadvantaged group¡±.

The nation’s second largest school district United Teachers of LA (UTLA) rejected the paltry offer by the LA school district, and its 33,000 members are poised to strike Monday, January 14. The county claims it cannot meet the UTLA proposals which have remained the same since April when negotiations opened. The districts net deficit has doubled from $10.9 billion to $19.6 billion between 2017 and 2018. This underfunding in the city where billionaires flaunt their wealth and philosophy of individual self-reliance, privatization and greed.

In 2015 the LAUSD pressed to make teachers cover 10% of their health insurance premiums to help the district pass the 54 million dollar burden onto the teachers so the district can compete with the invasion of the charter schools.  Eli Broad and the for-profit schools promoted by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos have drained 160,000 students from the public school system into the non-union programs, which are still unable to prove their superiority to public schools by the favorite method of the bureaucrats, standardized testing.

Teachers were thus never allowed to recover from the 2008 crisis of capitalism, but were made to carry the recovery on their backs in the form of lost free medical care, just like workers in other industries and professions across the nation. Now the L.A. teachers are negotiating as we face the looming second crash forecast for 2020. Solidarity with the Teachers! No More givebacks, the unmistakable projects of labor misleadership friends-of-Democrats!  We say COLAs in all contracts and break with the Chained Cost of Living Index! Jerry Brown¡¯s budget surplus is your money, not the playpen of the idle parasite class and their Democrat and Republican political lapdogs.

Eli Broad and Wife at his museum ¡°The Broad¡±

Eli Broad, founder of KB Home (a housing developer) of California, is in the top 4 out of a cohort of 144 billionaires and he has been promoting charter schools.  Billionaires in 2017 made a push for their candidates for the LA school board. According to the LA Times,

¡°Eli Broad, Netflix founder Reed Hastings and two Walton family siblings, poured millions into the campaigns of two charter-school advocates. These billionaire-sponsored candidates defeated two badly outspent opponents who took a more cautionary stance on expanding charters, lest they decimate the school district’s budget. In total, pro-charter groups outspent teacher unions, $9.7 million to $5.2 million.¡±  ¡­. ¡°Though a number of the billionaires who’ve involved themselves in the charter cause are conservatives and Republicans, the actual election battles they join almost always pit Democrat against Democrat –in part because nearly all big cities are now overwhelmingly Democratic.¡± ¡­..¡±What Carnegie and today’s pro-charter rich have in common is a belief in individual betterment ¡ª but not only that. They also share a fierce opposition to collective betterment, manifested in their respective battles against unions and, in many cases, against governmentally established standards and services.¡± ¡­. ¡±As the billionaires see it, it’s the lack of skills, not the dysfunctions of the larger economic system that they (or their parents) mastered, that is the cause of our national woes. Pure of heart though some of them may be, the charter billionaires have settled on a diagnosis, and a cure, that focuses on the deficiencies of the system’s victims, not the system itself. How very comforting for them.¡±

Labor Misleaders Capitulating Before the Battle is Even Joined

As the Daily News reports, the UTLA union bureaucrats are already conceding on key demands:

¡°On Monday, negotiators for the union and district met for the first round of eleventh-hour talks.

The union showed a willingness to drop demands for control over standardized testing and budget decisions. The district, for its part, raised its offer to boost funding for staffing increases and class-size reductions by $75 million; it also maintained its offer of a 6 percent raise spread throughout the first two years of a three-year contract ¡ª though the union asked for a 6.5 percent pay bump all at once.¡±

And at a January 7th press conference, UTLA president Caputo-Pearl stated that ¡°We have withdrawn six proposals because we don¡¯t want to fall prey to legal maneuvers by (District Superintendent) Austin Beutner, who has hired a bunch of high-priced lawyers to tell us we can¡¯t bargain these. So we¡¯ve withdrawn them.¡±  Seeking to limit the struggle to what can be ¡°legally¡± bargained, the UTLA has dropped the question of the ¡°unregulated growth of charters¡± from strike demands, stating that they will have to deal with them outside of bargaining. Bowing down to legalism didn¡¯t work in stopping the attacks on public education for the Chicago teachers and it won¡¯t work for California teachers.

Caputo-Pearl wants to divert the struggle against school privatization into the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB), which is majority Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party itself. Caputo-Pearl stated ¡°We are very happy that (newly elected state School Superintendent) Tony Thurmond said it is time to have a pause on charter growth and (Governor) Gavin Newsom has made similar statements.¡± Lawsuits, labor boards and the Democrats are a sure recipe for defeat. The workers strength lies in our solidarity, organization, discipline, militancy and leadership.

We think the UTLA President¡¯s comment is unacceptable and has ¡°labor/management cooperation¡± oozing out all over it, which is to say, not fighting but hoping to make a next deal acceptable to pols who do not represent workers¡¯ interests whatsoever. Rank-and-file teachers need to form strike committees to lead this strike and not collapse it into back room deals that trick and cost the membership, the kids and their families and communities! Remember! Your union belongs to you, the members. Any time is the correct time to sort out those who sell out!

For United Strike action in Oakland, Fremont, LA and across the state!

Build rank and file strike committees with an elected, fully-recallable leadership!

For an uncompromising class struggle leadership of the strike! For inter-union coordination by strike committees across the state! For a return to proven, winning class struggle methods! For the Jobs For All program!

No reliance on PERB, but only on the organized strength and power of the workers! Down with union-busting laws and strike-breaking injunctions!  No crossing picket lines!

Demilitarize the schools!  Police out of the schools. End the school to jail pipeline. Massive resources investments into deprived communities! Substandard education achievement is not the fault of the individual student but of bourgeois-individualist philosophy!

End bullying by administrators and the schoolyard thugs! For worker/teacher/staff/student self-defense!

Abolish PAR reviews.  For teacher/parent review councils. More lessons, less standardized testing!

Abolish for-profit Charters! Organize unorganized Charter Teachers!

Abolish Teach for America which converts young teachers into uncertified SCABS used to break the union!

Thirty hours work for forty hours pay!  Overtime for all work over 6 hours per day whether at school or at home in the evenings and weekends! 

For Universal free quality health care! Bring back the school nurse and a fully staffed schools.

Free education from pre-school to graduate school is a right not a privilege!

Stipends for students in need. Victory to the Graduate Student Organizing Committees!

Hungry students don¡¯t excel in learning! Feed our students!  Free, nutritious breakfast programs now! For 21st century, relevant vocational education programs accessible to all!

For automatic COLA¡¯s based on Economic Policy Institute statistics!

Break with the ¡°Chained Cost of Living Index!¡±!

For fully funded pensions without gimmicks and takeaways.  Make the billionaires pay!

Break with the Democratic and Republican Parties!

To get off the political-economic crisis treadmill we need a fighting workers¡¯ labor party that will embody class-political independence in every question and fight for a government of the workers and the oppressed! For solidarity with fighting workers everywhere and a new workers¡¯ international, a world party of socialist revolution!


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For an Iranian Workers Revolution! /2a2/?p=2233#respond Sun, 13 Jan 2019 16:01:11 +0000 /2a2/?p=2233

For an Iranian Workers Revolution!

Free Karim Siyahi! Free all arrested strikers! Rebuild the shura!

Build support for the Iranian Strike wave!Teachers, Truckers, Steel Workers, Farmers, Sugar Cane workers hold fast!
Make your strike general!

For Independent Workers Political Action for Permanent Revolution!

U.S. Out of the Middle East! No to imperialist sanctions against Iran!
Imperialist Russia and China Out of MENA!

No support for capitalist regimes in MENA!

Rank and file steel worker Karim Siyahi was arrested for a speech he gave at an Awaaz steelworkers¡¯ demonstration in December.  Tens of thousands of workers are standing up to the regime in waves of economically based strikes which present a political challenge to the regime: slogans for Bread, Jobs, Freedom and Build Councils (shura) are becoming common, while the workers challenge the lack of democratic rights.  Strikers are beaten and detained, their fight for economic and democratic rights intersect, confronting the regime¡¯s obscurantist contradictions. This is the logic of the Permanent Revolution: Only the working class can complete the democratic revolution in the era of imperialism, and only complete it via an uninterrupted socialist revolution.

The use of state resources propping up the Iraqi and Syrian regime is how the Mullahs stand against the world socialist revolution in the name of ¡°anti-imperialism.¡± Workers and Farmers are told to pay the price of the capitalist crisis and for the wars the theocrats need to maintain their power in the region and to crush the Syrian revolution and the Kurdish self-determination struggle. And while the regime dickers with the Turkish tyrant to deliver Idlib to Assad, they play at gaining full membership in the China/Russia alliance, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), even as that bloc slides helplessly towards military collision with the U.S.-led bloc. Russia and China are imperialist powers. The fake anti-imperialism of the Mullahs is bogus, as is all the ‘socialist’ support from those (Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba etc) who belong to this bloc of imperialist Russia and China. To avoid world war III, do away with the capitalist class dictatorship. ¡°There is no planet B!¡±


Many levels of revolt are threatening the theocratic regime including all its absurdities and cruelties. The repressions have not stifled the movement. We recall how a Painters Union organizer died in prison charged with organizing against the state; he died for want of international solidarity…so we raise our voice for solidarity with the Steelworkers and Cane workers¡¯ strikes and we stand with the women revolting against the cultural police of the Khamenei regime who appear to be aping their monarchist enemies in Riyadh. We stand with the Syrian Revolution and all the forces in Iran demanding the withdrawal of Iranian forces and ¡°volunteer¡± militias from Syria.  We stand with the Iranian revolution fighters who already know the betrayal of the 1979 revolution is not history¡¯s final development and that the religious autocrats can be made to go the way of all tyrants.  Trade unionists and socialist fighters should know that revolutionists in the USA like those in Africa, South America and the Pacific stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

Beware the MEK cult (People’s Mujahedin of Iran) who nowadays are the plaything of Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, and Giuliani. Their historical trajectory is a warning against accommodations to Islamist obscurantism and imperialism!

The steel workers have it right when they say the thieves in parliament are free while the workers are in prison¡­.

Folks on the Tehran subway train are seen on YouTube reacting to a young woman who has no hijab.  We stand with you, like the one man who came to her defence declaring, ¡°you people with your compulsory hijab have ruined this country for the last 40 years!¡± Despite the celebration of the hijab at international fashion shows and art exhibits, the compulsory hijab laws are patriarchal and an expression of the oppression of women.  With the upsurge in workers¡¯ strikes women will express their liberation from symbols of patriarchal oppression.  For the workers movement to succeed it must embrace and defend and struggle alongside all the oppressed.

Let Iranians know we reject and denounce the actions of Trump’s agents and also the fake socialists of the PSL (U.S. Party for Socialism and Liberation) who ascribe your revolution to the work of the CIA. We expect many of their ilk to come waving pink flags in the name of the US peace movement, a la Code Pink, and make common cause with Khamenei¡¯s government. At the same time we remember those who defended the Shah as a secularist and ¡°modernizer.¡± They support the Iranian intervention in Syria today as an ¡°anti-imperialist intervention,¡± just like a whole range of Putinpal ¡°leftist¡± groupuscules in the U.S.A. do.

Victory to the Iranian revolution!  

For a new Workers International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution, based on Trotsky¡¯s 1938 Transitional Program!

For a Socialist Iran as part of a Socialist Federation of the Middle East and North Africa!

See:¨C2019_Iranian_general_strikes_and_protests (2018)¨C2019_Iranian_protests

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ZIMBABWE, WORKERS AND POOR MASSES UNDER ATTACK /2a2/?p=2226#respond Tue, 08 Jan 2019 02:21:23 +0000 /2a2/?p=2226 REVOLUTIONARY WORKERS GROUP OF ZIMBABWE (RWG-Z)
Publishers of the Revolutionary Worker
Facebook: Revolutionary Workers Group-Zimbabwe
Cell: +263713045654



Workers and the poor masses are under attack from the pro austerity capitalist serving regime in Zimbabwe. Since October last year the government has made clear its intention to make workers, poor farmers, the urban poor and youths pay for the crisis of capitalism in here in Zimbabwe, a semi colony. Prices of basic commodities have risen by more than 100% whilst the income of the majority of workers, both lower level and middle class have been eroded by more than 400% in less than three months. The introduction of a tax on electronic mediated transfers, the most popular method of transaction for the majority as a result of hard currency shortages, has worsened the situation with most poor people failing to take care of their families and afford basic services like health and education. This is not accidental: it is a direct result of the policy stated of the post- Mugabe regime expressed through the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP), fiscal and monetary policies and the budget all announced late last year.

If workers do not fight these attacks we will witness massive attacks on the incomes, livelihoods and working conditions of the poor working masses. Doctors and radiographers as well as some teachers under the Amalgamated Rural Teachers¡¯ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) banner have been striking and protesting demanding, among other things, that the government improves their working conditions and pay them in US dollars. ARTUZ staged a march last month preparing for a massive sit in at the offices of the Minister of Finance. More importantly and decisively, doctors and radiographers in state hospitals have been on strike for over a month now despite threats, isolation and propaganda against them. They have truly managed to hold the fort against the odds but without other sectors of the civil servants coming out soon the strike can be defeated as the doctors tire. We hope the doctors and radiographers hold the line well into the coming week when schools open and teachers join in as well as nurses and other civil servants. Ultimately all workers including all in the private sector must join in and turn the strike by civil servants into an indefinite general strike.

The doctors and radiographers strike continues. Teachers under ARTUZ as well as other organisations will picket the offices of the Minister of Finance tomorrow Monday demanding that their grievances be addressed. The largest teacher union, the Zimbabwe Teachers¡¯ Association (ZIMTA), has declared that its members will not go to work on Tuesday when schools open demanding salaries in US dollars and an improvement in their working conditions. We expect other teachers¡¯ unions and nurses, on the basis of their joint declaration last week, to also down tools this week. This would bring on board the majority of the civil servants with high chances of other public sector workers joining. But ultimately all workers should come out. We call on the main trade union federation the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) general Council, which is meeting this Tuesday, to call on all workers to join the strike turning the action into a massive all out indefinite general strike. Only then can we be assured of defeating the austerity agenda of the regime and laying a solid foundation for defeating capitalism and imperialism.

It is not enough for all workers to be on strike. Rank and file workers must, in action, build a united cross union strike committee to advance the strike beyond the possible wavering and selling out by the trade union leaders. As the government feels the pressure it will resort to brute force to smash the action by workers. To defeat this, workers should form defense militias to defend themselves against state violence and harassment. Poor urban masses, unemployed workers, youths and vendors must join the action against the attacks on the poor masses. The agenda of the government is to divide and conquer the masses and as such solidarity and unity in action is vital to move forward and remove fear.

A living Wage! Workers fight for a living wage and better working conditions through mass action controlled by ordinary workers!

– Against unemployment and destitution we demand a sliding scale of working hours to provide decent jobs for all through massive public works programs to provide housing, education and medical care for all!

– Against the ever rising prices and inflation we demand a sliding scale of wages!

– For free, comprehensive and secular education for all!

– For free quality health for all!

– Workers take back your unions!

– Organise the unorganised! Form unions of the unemployed as fully affiliated unions!

The government and city municipalities must stop the attack on the vendors!

– Militant workers to form class struggle caucuses in the unions to fight for this program!

– Workers to form strike committees to lead the resistance to the growing attacks on the wages and working conditions of the poor and the livelihood of the majority poor!

– Workers to form workers defence guards for defence against state violence!

– A national strike committee to organise and plan for a general strike!

For a workers government on the basis of the armed people to implement decisions that benefit the workers and the poor!

– Nationalization of all companies without indemnification to the big shareholders under workers control!

– Land to be distributed to all poor peasants together with a state bank to provide inputs to all small farmers!

– A workers state that defends workers, peasants and the poor masses against the local and foreign capitalists!

– An African socialist revolution as part of the international revolution that alone can guarantee a better life for all!

– A new WORLD PARTY of socialist revolution based on the TRANSITIONAL PROGRAM of 1938 to lead the revolution to end capitalism and open the road to socialism!

Revolutionary Workers Group of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe section of the Liaison Committee of Communists)

06 January 2019

Harare, Zimbabwe

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New Class Warrior! /2a2/?p=2224#respond Tue, 08 Jan 2019 01:56:18 +0000 /2a2/?p=2224 Volume 2, Number 3, Jan 2018

Reclaiming Marx

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Brazil: Election Balance Sheet, the Failure of the Left and the need for a Revolutionary Leadership /2a2/?p=2211#respond Sun, 16 Dec 2018 15:56:16 +0000 /2a2/?p=2211 The following is the English translation reprinted from our comrades of the Grupo de Trabalhadores Revolucion¨¢rios (Revolutionary Workers Group of Brazil:  GTR-BR):

The rise of the extreme right and the election of a Bonapartist figure like Bolsonaro are the result of the aggravation of the crisis of capitalism in Brazil. This signifies the exhaustion of the Workers’ Party (PT) and the Popular Front (PF) in their function of pacifying the workers who fight against the attacks of the bourgeoisie and imperialism. Global capitalism, faced with its terminal crisis, resorts to Bonapartism and fascism as a means of getting workers to pay the price of the crisis.

With a populist and conservative discourse, Bolsonaro exploited the discontent of the petty bourgeoisie and the unemployed with the current crisis situation. As a characteristic of Bonapartism, it has placed itself above the parties and institutions that are demoralized and worn out in the eyes of the population. Corruption, the privilege of politicians and bargaining in the spheres of power, as the population suffers from unemployment and falling living conditions, was the main reason for the votes for an “anti-system” candidate. The PT was the party most associated with this system. “Anti-petismo” (anti-PT) was the flag in the election campaign of Bolsonaro and several candidates to the parliament and to the state governments. However, all the major parties that have governed the country since the re-democratization, especially PSDB (Brazilian Social Democracy Party) and PMDB (Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement), suffered with rejection in these elections.

Corruption, privileges of a political oligarchy and attacks on workers. This is the “system” established with the 1988 Constitution and the bourgeois democratic regime. This is what capitalism can give in its imperialist epoch. Obviously, the PT is not responsible for corruption and for this “system” as the bourgeoisie and Lava-Jato want to believe, but the PT entered this system when joining the bourgeoisie to govern the country for more than 13 years. Lula / PT and the so-called “progressive” governments of Latin America rose to power in a moment of world economic growth, boosted by the sale of commodities to China. Far from breaking with capitalism, these governments were able to give crumbs to the workers and poor people while applying neoliberal measures. Far from being “anti-imperialist,” these governments lined up and increased their dependence on Chinese imperialism.

Bolsonaro was elected by a great feeling of change and promising to end the corruption, that the population sees as cause of the worsening of the conditions of life. We know that neither the inherent corruption of capitalist relations nor the economic crisis will resolve itself, and it will have to attack the working class hard. The instability generated by the capitalist crisis has already led to the impeachment of Dilma and the unpopular government of Temer who had moments on the tightrope. Bolsonaro is a veteran of the military regime and has announced several military personnel to compose his ministry. Ending the illusion of Bolsonaro’s promises, a regime of exception may be the only “change” the bourgeoisie will have to offer.

The biggest challenge of the working class to fight Bolsonaro and fascism is to break with the Popular Front. For what divides the working class is the bourgeoisie. The working class will remain divided as long as the opportunist leadership directs large numbers of workers to join the bourgeoisie and abandon class independence, shifting the struggle to illusions in parliament. Workers need a united front, to organize the class in an independent and democratic way, to assume the traditional methods of direct struggle, the only way to combat fascism and imperialism.


The PT and a large part of the left are today the greatest defenders of the demoralized bourgeois democratic regime to combat Bolsonaro and the threat of fascism. In the second round of elections, almost all leftist organizations supported the Popular Front (PF) by voting for the PT. Including organizations claiming to be revolutionary, such as PSTU (Unified Workers’ Socialist Party), MES (Socialist Left Movement), CST (Socialist Workers’ Current) and MRT (Revolutionary Movement of Workers). These false Trotskyists evoked the struggle of the Bolsheviks against Kornilov’s fascist coup to justify their support for the Popular Front. Lenin and Trotsky were relentless combatants against the PF. While fighting Kornilov, they called for the One Front precisely to expose the betrayal of the Mensheviks who were part of the provisional government of the PF!

The left abandoned any prospect of struggle for the Brazilian revolution. The main policy of these organizations for the elections, and now after the elections, is the call for the “Broad Front” of the PT to defend (bourgeois) democracy! That is, the only way out for the working class against Bonapartism and fascism would be the alliance with so-called “democratic” or “progressive” sectors of the bourgeoisie.

Guilherme Boulos and the PSOL (Socialism and Liberty Party) leadership capitulate to the PT and have been the major mouthpieces of the populist front politics. With the electoral process polarized between Bolsonaro and the PT, Boulos’s candidacy was the true auxiliary line of the PT. Boulos and PSOL spent the year 2017 constructing the “VAMOS” platform on a front with PDT (Democratic Labour Party), PSB (Brazilian Socialist Party) and other bourgeois sectors that they say are “progressive”. In the second round he called a vote for the PF, consistent with his defense of bourgeois democracy vs. fascism. The PSOL is a split from the PT and was opposed to its government, but it is a reformist party and, in fact, never was against the policy of popular front. Socialism is a word that does not exist in the vocabulary of Boulos. The program advocated by him and the PSOL leadership on the VAMOS platform is openly reformist, posing as the greatest advocates of “better” capitalism and accusing as divisive and sectarian those defending class independence, the Frente ¨²nica and a revolutionary strategy.

The PSTU supported the bourgeoisie’s maneuver to overthrow the PT as a “democratic right,” and Lava-Jato as a “fight against corruption.” For the PSTU, to stand against impeachment was to support the PT and the PF, as there was no threat from the extreme right and fascism in Brazil. In the second round they supported the popular front by calling for a PT vote against the far-right candidate who “defends a dictatorship project for our country”, a threat that a few months ago they said did not exist! We warned that the PSTU was only masking its opportunism with sectarianism and its logic would lead to the defense of the PF against fascism. We said that the rise of the extreme right and fascism is fought with class independence and methods of direct struggle of the workers and not with the PF that serves to demobilize the workers and open the way to fascism. We did not support the PT and the PF and were against the impeachment and maneuvers of the bourgeoisie. We are against the narrative of the coup that disarms the working class in the struggle against a real coup and a fascist regime. The PSTU did this disarming denying a fascist threat and then supporting the PF in the elections.


The new president defends a policy of alignment with American imperialism. Following the anti-China line of Trump, he says that the Asian country is not investing but rather “buying” Brazil. The editorial of the Chinese government aligned newspaper was considered a warning against some of the new government’s plans to cancel deals with China. Bolsonaro’s nationalist rhetoric contrasts with his economic team of notables led by economist “Chicago boy” Paulo Guedes who hastily said that business with China is important to the country and will not be affected. Bolsonaro’s statements against China were also seen as a risk by businessmen and sectors who fear for their business. While Bolsonaro says he does not understand economics and Paulo Guedes is the one who decides in this area, the other ministries have been filled with conservative and military figures, closer to his far-right politics. Bolsonaro’s nationalism cannot go beyond its subordination to imperialism.

The global crisis of capitalism shakes the hegemony of US imperialism established in World War II and stirs up the dispute with the ascendant imperialisms of China and Russia. The actual crisis, of commercial and military wars, affirms Lenin’s Marxist theory of imperialism which explains the destructive character of capitalism in the imperialist era, when the world is already divided between the great powers that must go to war to survive. The dispute between the US/EU and China/Russia blocs is an inter-imperialist one in which workers must maintain their class independence and the unity of the workers of the world in the struggle for socialist revolution, the only revolution capable of defeating both imperialist blocs, avoiding their wars and the destruction of the environment.

Much of the left, especially the Stalinists, defend the China/Russia bloc claiming an “anti-imperialist” struggle for a “multipolar” world. We say that this is nothing more than revisionism of a traitorous left. We affirm Marxism and Trotskyism that there was no “progressive” bourgeoisie in the imperialist era and that the democratic demands and independence from imperialism can only be achieved by the workers with the permanent revolution. It is not possible for a semi-colony to become imperialist. China and Russia were able to develop their productive forces with the expropriation of the bourgeoisie, so they returned to the capitalist sphere as imperialist countries. The reactionary national bourgeoisie are unable to develop the productive forces and fear the working class and the revolution more than they fear imperialism.

For the reformist left, Bolsonaro and fascism were fought on the national level, by means of a PF with the “progressive” national bourgeoisie. On the international scene, they are part of a big PF with China and Russia to fight against American imperialism. Defending Chinese and Russian imperialism as an alternative to the US is to take sides in the imperialist dispute and abandon class independence and revolutionary strategy.


Contrary to what the reformists say, the workers and poor people have staged various struggles and resistance. However, these struggles are becoming subordinate to the reformist strategy of struggle within parliament and the PF. Class independence and traditional methods of struggle are boycotted and impeded by the opportunist leaderships of the movement.

With the outbreak of the crisis in 2008 and the announcement of thousands of layoffs in the metallurgical sector, the CUT (Central ¨²nica dos Trabalhadores) rushed to defend the PT government and dismantle the resistance, while the main leader of the PSTU metallurgists in S?o Jos¨¦ dos Campos, got on the sound truck with the well-known union bureaucrat Paulinho Da For?a, beginning his policy of alliance with the trade union bureaucracy and their bourgeois parties that lasts until today. In the years that followed, teacher strikes spread throughout the country and the need to unify these struggles was diverted by CUT/CNTE into a 3-day general strike in defense of the National Education Plan (PNE) and this diversion was supported by the entire left. The PNE was precisely the neoliberal plan for privatization or outsourcing of education throughout the country! In 2012, the university strike and more than 400,000 federal workers were isolated and demobilized by the CUT/PT with the help of the left, which was said to be opposed to the PT government but was not politically independent of the PT and the union bureaucracy.

In 2013, during the rise of the youth against the increase of bus fares, which led to mass demonstrations and became known as the June Days, again the left that claimed to be the opposition to the government, such as PSTU and PSOL, did not have any independent policy from the PT and many ended up supporting the government and the media by calling the demonstrators “vandals”.

The June Days followed with numerous strikes all over the country, some historic, including in Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), such as Rio¡¯s bus drivers and teachers, in the middle of the “N?o Vai Ter Copa”. All this movement of resistance of the workers was attacked and boycotted by the central trade unions, CUT and CTB. So did the left that claimed to be opposition to the government, keeping the strikes isolated by category, with economist guidelines and preventing any attempt to include “N?o Vai Ter Cup” in the strike agenda, a slogan that was shouted at the assemblies and raised in posters by workers. On the eve of the opening of the World Cup in S?o Paulo, the leadership of the subway union, led by PSTU and PSOL, ended the strike, and the MTST (Homeless Workers’ Movement) leadership ended the occupation of the “People’s Cup”, two movements that brought the city to a stop.

On the opening day of the World Cup there were marked demonstrations throughout the country. In Porto Alegre, striking municipal workers who had concentrated in the center of the city a month before were diverted to a distant action, in a clear example of the union’s leadership isolating the movements. In Sao Paulo, demonstrators were attacked by the police who prevented them from entering the subway and receiving shelter from the transit workers union. The workers’ strikes were isolated and defeated, and the youth and some independent movements were left alone in the resistance against the World Cup and the government, resulting in 23 convictions under the Anti-terrorism law approved by Dilma. The true United Front formed in strikes, school occupations, Block of Fights in Porto Alegre or the Fight Forum in Rio were dismantled all over the left.

However, the struggles did not end and 2016 was marked by school occupations by high school students. After Temer’s inauguration, the “Out With Temer” movement took to the streets of the cities, and in Porto Alegre there were 50 thousand demonstrators, as well as in S?o Paulo, Rio and several cities across the country. The demonstrations were all controlled by the PT and its allies and diverted by the strategy of pressuring the government and contesting the bourgeois elections. At that moment, the capitulations to the PT and the PF of the currents that claim to be to the left and in opposition to the PT government were already enormous and the total absence of an alternative policy by these organizations became clearer. The struggles against the Reformation of Secondary Education, the PEC of the Ceiling of the Expenses and Labor Reform of Temer were subordinated to the “unity of action” of the opportunist leaderships in a bureaucratic bloc among the union federations. CSP Conlutas, which emerged as an alternative to the CUT’s governing bureaucracy, is today the largest advocate of this unity with the opportunist leadership of the movement. In the metalworkers’ union led by CSP Conlutas, while keeping strikes isolated by factories and with an economist agenda, the CSP leaders leave the agenda of the General Strike and Against the Reforms and government attacks in the hands of the trade union bureaucracy and their Popular Front alliances.

The minority movement is another example of struggle and resistance that is also controlled by the opportunist leaderships that lead the working women’s movement to subordination to bourgeois feminism. The #EleNao movement, which generated demonstrations throughout the country with thousands of women against Bolsonaro’s candidacy and fascism, was channeled into the bourgeois elections and the defense of Haddad¡¯s PT candidacy.

Faced with the deep crisis that the country is going through, it is not only the workers and the poor and oppressed people who show their revolt and indignation. Sectors of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie are also dissatisfied and outraged by the situation. This outrage was capitalized on by the right and extreme right in 2015 in the move that led to Dilma’s impeachment. Reactionary sectors are also dissatisfied, leading to “police strikes” generating chaos in the states and getting support from several leftist currents! But the most emblematic movement was the truckers’ strike in May, 2018. The indignation of the autonomous truck drivers who cannot keep their livelihood was led by transport entrepreneurs who are also not at all pleased with the high fuel prices. These reactionary sectors also wanted a “solution” to the crisis, but their solution had nothing to do with the interests of the workers, demonstrated by the number of factions in the truckers’ strike that called for “Military Intervention Now”.

The truck drivers’ strike lasted 10 days, causing a supply crisis bringing the country to a stop with great popular support, threatening the already weakened Temer government. All the left came out in support of the “strike,” consistent with its policy of unity with “progressive” bourgeois sectors. The CUT was paralyzed in the first week of the strike and after the movement rejected the unions’ agreement with the government to end the strike, the CUT then began to mobilize the tankers, the sector it organizes, and to raise the slogan of “against Petrobras’ price policy” and ¡°Down With Parente” (the president of the oil company) and there followed 3 days of strike by the trade. The slogan of the CUT / PT became a force in the movement and were picked up by the truck drivers, including the fall of Parente. On the day marked for the strike of the oil tankers, the leadership of the truck drivers’ movement ended the strike. The roads that had been taken by trucks on the first day of the oil tankers’ strike were totally empty. The oil tankers’ strike did not last the 3 days, and was totally demoralized.

Does the fact that the truckers’ strike was a movement of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie mean that the workers should not mobilize and strike? No, on the contrary. Popular support for the truckers’ strike showed the feeling of indignation of the population, especially the workers and the poorest people and showed the need for an independent movement of the working class. The phrase most heard on the days of the truckers’ strike was “have it for everything,” it was a great moment for an independent movement of the working class for a General Strike to call on the workers to break with the bourgeois sectors and unite the sectors of workers. The support of the CUT and the call to join in the strike was not a call for class unity, but to unity with bourgeois and petty bourgeois sectors, which left the movement in the hands of the bosses of transport and the bureaucracy of the truckers’ unions, inevitably leading to the defeat of the movement.


The new government has not yet assumed office and already shows all its fragility. The formation of its team of ministers is surrounded in several controversies of dispute between its allies and Bolsonaro¡¯s party, showing that the “give and take” that it said it would fight continues. Just as the allegations of corruption, which shakes his future minister of the civil house, and in recent days, the denunciations made by the media involving his son who is a deputy, and the undue receipt of money by his wife, while his deputy, General Mour?o makes statements saying that Bolsonaro has to explain the origin of the money. Police in the state of Roraima are on strike, the government has announced federal intervention in the state and the truckers who threaten further paralysis.

There is no way out for the workers within capitalism. And to defeat capitalism, class independence and its traditional methods of struggle are required. Workers need to form committees for workplace, study and housing and organize self-defense committees. A true united front is needed that brings together workers and social movements for State and National Congresses, with delegates elected at the base, to discuss a program of struggle for the working class.









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For International Labor Defense of the Migrant Caravan! /2a2/?p=2195#respond Sun, 11 Nov 2018 17:04:23 +0000 /2a2/?p=2195 For International Labor Defense of the Migrant Caravan!

The migrant caravan making its way north has brought into focus the brutal impact of U.S. and world imperialist exploitation, repression and poverty on the the semi-colonial countries. The 7,000-plus migrant caravan of mostly Honduran, along with Guatemalan and El Salvadoran workers, has appealed to the international working class for solidarity chanting ?¡°migrants are not criminals, we are international workers!¡± ?It is the duty of the international working class, and in particular, U.S. workers to come to their defense through labor mobilizations and class struggle actions. No one is illegal, let them in! Open the borders! To the rejoicing semi-social democratic post-election revelers we say: to refuse to defend the caravanistas is social imperialism!

Trump, who rode to the Presidency on anti-immigrant racism, has deployed 8,200 troops to the border to prevent their entry, and declares his intention to make that 15,000, more than are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. ??This is an ominous move by a wannabe dictator. Trump had to backpedal after saying the troops had orders to shoot to keep the caravan out. The Posse Comitatus Act (which originally arose as a reactionary compromise with the South after the defeat of Reconstruction) forbids Federal troops from being used domestically for law enforcement. The Pentagon has insisted that the troops will not be used for policing, but for support activities. No one should interpret ?this to mean there is any revolt sentiment against Trump among the top brass. And it would not be beyond the U.S. government to foment an incident. And along with Trump’s troops, racist fascist militias are also mobilizing against the migrant caravan.

Xenophobic Social Reaction and Fascism

Xenophobia is a ruling class game as old as class society. Trump is working as hard as he ever does at anything to make Latinos and Middle Eastern populations the dehumanized ¡°other.¡± This is hate directed from the top of the Executive committee of the ruling class. This validates the combined nativist/racist violence of white nationalists. Trump SAYS he doesn¡¯t like this violence one bit, which to us appears to be a signal to the ¡°militias¡± to see what they can get away with. Trump may think he is a clever propagandist visiting the Pittsburgh synagogue last week but ordering all federal building flags flown at half mast after this week¡¯s bar shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, where a cop, i.e. a white person, was killed. For Trump and his ilk the refugees belong in their ¡°shithole countries¡± facing killer gangs, police, army, paramilitary and even U.S. corporate private death squads. This policy outrage dovetails with Trump¡¯s family separation system, which continues in defiance of the courts (THE LAW!!!) ?To defend the refugees is a working class duty and not only will few others do so now, but also it is past time to realize that to defend our fellow workers from elsewhere we must cost the rulers their profits! We need to strike! Suppose for a moment all Teamsters halted all southern border cargo transport. Trump¡¯s policy, whatever his hates may be, would be punctured in a week! We listen for any defense of the refugees from Brother Trumka and hear crickets.

Imperialism and the Semi-Colonies

It was in Honduras that the U.S. armed ?Contra (¡°counter revolutionary¡±) terrorists were trained to wage war against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua that came to power by overthrowing the U.S.-backed dictator Somoza. The Contra war left 30,000 dead and thousands more wounded. Hondurans are fleeing the killers of the regime installed by a U.S.-engineered coup d¡¯etat during the Democratic Party administration of Obama (CIA man since college!) and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (former ¡°Goldwater Girl¡±).

In 1954, Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz was removed in an Eisenhower/CIA-hatched operation after his agrarian reform had stepped on the toes of the United Fruit Company. The subsequent 1962-96 Guatemalan civil war led to the death of 200,000, the majority of whom were Mayans. ?The United States provided economic and military aid and the CIA operations led to assassinations, extrajudicial executions, torture and kidnappings. One million Guatemalans were forced to leave their homes.

Many in the refugee caravan are fleeing El Salvador. They are fleeing the killers of a gang born in U.S. prisons. ?Such is the domestic violence in El Salvador where government spasms of repressions ineffectually seek to keep down the robbery and extortion carried out by the gangs that no one feels safe. Kidnappings ?and rapes are epidemic and the way of life in areas the gangs control. The robbery of El Salvador¡¯s resources by U.S. imperialism for more than a century artificially limits economic development, and with no employment opportunities, gangs flourish. But these gangs were formed in the U.S. and are a distorted reaction to U.S. anti-immigrant racism. In fact, the gangs could not recruit or last without it.

For International Workers Solidarity! ?For Workers Revolution From South America Through Central America to North America!

Under imperialism, the bourgeoisie has long ago exhausted any progressive role. The outrages of the know-nothing Trump immigration policy are a seamless transition in all but optics and liberal spin from the policies of the progressives¡¯ beloved Obama, who only yesterday was correctly decried as the ¡°Deporter in Chief.¡± Family separation was already begun without especial media attention.

The century and more of developmental stagnation of productive forces applies not only in the imperialist countries, but equally and worse in the semi-colonies. ?National independence from imperialism, agrarian reform, and the other bourgeois democratic tasks can only be achieved in the semi-colonies through the working class at the head of the masses overthrowing the comprador bourgeoisie and completing ?the national-democratic revolution through socialist revolution. This is the Trotskyist political program of Permanent Revolution, as opposed to the reformist social democrats and Stalinists who preach a two-stage revolution:, one the democratic and the second the socialist, that they may pretend at times to lead but have no intention of ever fulfilling. The weak bourgeoisies cannot break their ties to imperialism and petty-bourgeois socialism strikes poses of ¡°anti-imperialism¡± as they support various counter-revolutionary dodges: strongmen, (¡°Revolutionary¡±) Constituent Assemblies, Peoples Fronts, even guerrillas in exceptional times.

International working class solidarity with refugees is more crucial than ever. Coordinated labor actions by Mexican and U.S. workers in defense of the migrant caravans would go a long way towards forging unity across the Americas. Mass mobilizations of contingents of trade unionists are needed at the border, including labor defense guards to defend the migrants against the fascist militias. Labor political strikes demanding ¡°Hands off the immigrants! Let them in!¡± would get the biggest bosses¡¯ attention right away! Transport workers should make sure that the immigrants get to where they want to go on the bosses dime and make it known that freight can stop if they don¡¯t! Labor should appeal to the rank-and-file soldiers to refuse to follow their officers¡¯ orders and side with the immigrants. It is time to unionize the enlisted ranks!

Right now, when bosses are crying that jobs are hard to fill, is exactly the moment to tell them we don¡¯t fall for their wage stinginess and we won¡¯t stand for their racism. Many ranchers have already made known they will not have Trump¡¯s wall and that they depend on hiring their Mexican neighbors regularly to make their family businesses viable. At the border itself this is the majority sentiment and workers elsewhere should learn the truth, come to the border and be welcome ?and reject the hate program of the racist landlord crook from Queens, New York!

For the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the border!

No one is illegal! Tear down the fences and disband the Border Patrol! Abolish ICE! Down with Trump¡¯s Muslim ban! Asylum for all refugees! For free movement of all workers across the border! No fines or fees!

Full citizenship and employment rights for all workers! Reunite the kids with the parents and drop all charges!

Down with racism and racial profiling! No scapegoating of oppressed peoples! Down with English-only bigotry! For mass Labor/Community militant actions to stop ICE raids and deportations!

For labor political strikes to defend immigrant workers! For labor defense guards to defend immigrants at the border and to drive ICE from the workplaces and the communities!

Free all detained undocumented workers! Down with E-Verify!

Let workers choose where to work by demanding that all workers who do the same work get the same contract, same wages, and same working conditions, regardless of country! Demand ?the ¡°prevailing rate¡± in the western imperialist center become the international standard wage.

An injury to one is an injury to all! For international working class struggle!

Fight for full employment at full union rates and benefits for all! For 30 hours of work for 40 hours pay to spread the available work and do the neglected, socially necessary environmental remediation!

Nationalize major industries and the financial sector without compensation under workers control to provide adequate access to credit and to get the wheels of industry rolling again!

American workers: The main enemy is right here at home and it is the U.S. capitalist ruling class! U.S. military out of the Middle East! Defeat U.S. imperialism in Latin America, in the Middle East, and everywhere!

Break with the Democrats and Republicans!

Build an internationalist fighting workers¡¯/labor party to struggle for a workers¡¯ government to abolish capitalism and its system of national borders!

For a new revolutionary Workers International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution!

For socialist revolution throughout Latin & North America and the Caribbean! For a socialist federation of the Americas and the Caribbean!

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Fascist Terror in Pittsburgh and Louisville /2a2/?p=2192#respond Fri, 02 Nov 2018 15:06:28 +0000 /2a2/?p=2192 This past week was a violence festival for the fascists. How do we end it?

Two years of the #MAGA movement with Trump at the helm have not stymied the decay of the capitalist order and a parallel decline of civil order. Trump took credit for the meteoric rise of the stock market last year but he did not take credit for the decline last January and ?he will not step up to the plate and claim credit for this week. For those who have watched their 401K¡¯s take a dive this week his promise to MAGA are getting a little old. The 4% unemployment rate would be a true measure of success if it was factual and based on jobs with decent wages and benefits, but the rise in interest rates and tariffs were not a real answer to the stagnation of capital investment in the productive forces. ?Trump¡¯s inability to deliver on his promises of good jobs with good wages, benefits and a brighter day has his Neanderthal followers seeking a scapegoat for their misery.

Egged on by the Trump, Fox, Breitbart echo chamber the unhinged lone-wolves of the Alt-right let loose on America for a week straight. Once Trump declared himself a nationalist, the festival of fascism began. Following a spate of politically directed package bombs sent by a flaky ¡°Trumpenkrieger¡± the blood started to flow. The bodies of the victims of the synagogue massacre aren¡¯t all in the ground yet, but the Democrats heard Trump¡¯s complaints and are laser focused on what he does and says and on the elections he says are a referendum on him. Ineffectual as usual, Democrat Joe Biden this week said ¡°now is not the time¡± to speak about impeachment, ?even while Trump claims the violence is the fault of the fake news media and results from criticism of him.

It was Black and Jewish blood his supporters spilled. We noticed and won¡¯t shut up about it, being Marxist revolutionists and not remotely mainstream media. For the Bonaparte wannabe, himself and even his hair are what you should care about. That and the threat of immigrant caravan ¡°invasion.¡±

The bourgeois press disapproves of Trump¡¯s characterization of the ¡®caravanistas¡¯ as criminal illegal invaders with a mixture of middle easterners hiding in the throng; so for the press the caravan is made up of ¡°migrants,¡± suggesting these are seasonal labor visitors who won¡¯t stay. We say the obvious; they are refugees and deserve every citizenship right, and we demand those for them. Trump has announced he¡¯s sending 15,000 troops to the Mexican border to stop the ¡°very bad people¡± the murderer Bowers believed were invited by Jews to come to America to kill his people.

¡°sports betting website developmentScrew the optics, I’m going in,” reads a post attributed to Bowers moments before he fired the first gunshots inside the synagogue.

Ask yourself why Bowers, the white power murderer would cast aside concern about what his deed would look like. We say his message was for Trump. Bowers wrote Trump must clear ¡®the jews¡¯ out of the White House and the State Department must cease supporting immigration of Muslims, Jews and Central Americans and break all ties with the 137-year-old Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), a chapter of which met in the Synagogue Bowers attacked. This is also the message of the 9 white supremacist candidates running for Congress. That the most visible of these, Steve King of Iowa has been cut loose by the Republican National Committee, does not mean that Trump can do without their support, or that the party will shed them. They have had fifty years to shed them and the C.I.A.-supported eastern European ¡°freedom fighter¡± Hitlerite fringe.

Just days before the massacre a twisted racist, Gregory Alan Bush, emboldened by Trump¡¯s hate filled #MAGA rhetoric picked up on Dylan Roof¡¯s racist murderous rage and shot down two African-American customers at a Kroger¡¯s grocery store because he had failed to get inside the Black church across the street. ?Bush was confident that he would not be shot by another white man who confronted him in the parking lot.

¡°Ed Harrell … was waiting on his wife in the parking lot when he heard gunshots and grabbed his revolver. As he crouched down, … he saw the gunman walk “nonchalantly” by with gun by his side. Harrell called out to ask what was going on, and the gunman replied: “Don’t shoot me. I won’t shoot you. sports betting website development.”

The murderer Bush imperfectly understands the historical moment. A river of blood separates the U.S. of the post-civil rights era from the Jim Crow past. The element of truth in what he says is the police generally will defend the assemblies of fascists and attack antifascists. What he gets wrong is they will not disobey orders to apprehend or even shoot lone wolf gunmen, at least for the present.

The upsurge in violence comes just a week after the Proud Boys Gavin McGinnes re-enacted the murder of a Japanese Socialist parliamentarian by a Japanese nationalist before the approving and stodgy NYC Republican Club. This is not playing well for Trump and his Party, despite the optics of a fawning Kanye West and the Young Black Leadership Summit echoing the anti-Semitic attack on Soros. ?These young Uncle Toms meeting with Trump picked up on the anti-globalist rhetoric and chanted he should lock up Soros, causing Trump laughs. When you see Trump laugh, remember what we said in ¡°Class War¡±. He never jokes. In a bid to deliver for Black rightism he says he will abolish birthright citizenship by Executive Order. This is unconstitutional, as even Kelly Ann Conway¡¯s husband has pointed out. But Trump has his packed Supreme Court now, and we are not at all sure the liberal and conservative laughs you hear now will be the last.

The intellectual/academic class and the average workers are placing the blame for the increased violence on Trump¡¯s rhetoric. ?On the east coast a civil engineer asks a historian why Trump is still President. He answered ¡®because his wife hasn¡¯t poisoned him yet¡¯ and tells her about Warren G. Harding and his demise. On the west coast a doctor¡¯s secretary said someone should shoot Trump. We didn¡¯t ask whether these individuals believe the C.I.A. shot JFK, these being nothing but conversations we overheard. But they show how the masses really want Trump gone and much of the fuel of the expected ¡°blue wave¡± is the expectation of a quick impeachment. Of course personal violence may be a pattern in U.S. history and even for far less cause, but it is no political remedy and would just result in a Falwell/Robertson/Huckabee style white power/Putinpal Pence administration, JUST LIKE THE SIMPLE IMPEACHMENT THE VOTERS ARE EXPECTING FROM THE DEMOCRATS! An expectation we say is on express rails to disappointment and disillusion.

Trump is the Democrats ideal punching bag and if they can jerk the voter masses they¡¯ll keep him around until January, 2021. They are conceding as much every night when they forecast not winning the Senate and moving blithely to the topic of possible 2020 nominees. Will they even want the Mueller report, or want it made public? ?Exasperated workers ask ¡®well who else are you going to vote for?¡¯ This is exactly the right question. Further down we will tell you about a party we need which does not exist yet. (Hint: It will not be a creation of or a servant of the ruling class.)

Trumpenkriegers (Trump Warriors in fake German)

The reason the rightist sociopaths and their intellectual headcarriers and apologists are not any more united than they are is they don¡¯t all agree on the ranking of their scapegoats. And even among the fascists who have a lot of enemies¡¯ list agreement, they don¡¯t have lots of agreement on strategy and they have no discipline organizations. This is why Steve Bannon dismissed the Charlottesville tiki torch mob as ¡°a bunch of clowns.¡± Bannon has talked about being a Leninist, and liberals and anarcho-Democrats have too much fun pointing at that, but he is talking about a Brown International with a solid political line and disciplined cadres. The sociopaths whose activism we have seen last week are nothing like what Bannon wants (we can add– what Putin and his kept white power theorist Dugin wants, although Putin is gaming the racism of Bannon, Dugin AND Trump in pursuit of world hegemony for the Russia/China alliance.)

The courts have not been smiling on the various ¡°trumpenkriegers.¡± They may be imagining they are the reincarnations of the original 1870s Ku Kluxers, but they are not enjoying the impunity the post-Reconstruction terrorists did. Trump¡¯s statements at his rallies don¡¯t pan out. He does not pay their legal fees! He soups them up, they act out, and the FBI swoops on them or fingers them for the local police. It came as a big surprise to the Rise Above Movement that its leadership got arrested recently for violence dating back to Charlottesville. Likewise, in recent weeks members of the Proud Boys thought they could beat up protesters in Manhattan (NY). The principal leader of this gang, Gavin McInnes, was addressing the East 84th street Republican club in celebrating the anniversary of the stabbing of a Socialist leader by a Japanese nationalist, and McInnes¡¯s goons were not satisfied by the theater of him recreating the scene on stage with a samurai sword, but were filmed out front stomping two protesters on the sidewalk. Three Proud Boys are in jail now. The question is, what the police will do when fascism gets the bigger rightist population to join them in ¡°action?¡± We expect the police to defend them physically, as they have done across the last century.

Fascism in the U.S. is racism-driven, but this is only the surface motive-objective combination. Fascism everywhere is a capitalist movement for the restoration of the rate of profit by violent suppression of the workers movement and its vanguard. Once this is understood the remedy is plain to see. It is the self-organization of the working class and the oppressed for self-defense and liberation from exploitation by Capital and its wages system. In practical terms. What is required now are Labor-Black-Brown Community Defense Guards, organized at Union halls and community centers. Mass mobilizations of the trade unions and the oppressed communities are needed to drive the fascists back underground and not give them one bit of room to organize and recruit for their genocidal terror. The Labor movement needs to address fascist recruiting in the prisons and armed forces. We say ¡°Bring the Union In! Drive the fascists out!¡±

The Lasting Social Remedy

Workers are asking ¡®well who would YOU vote for?¡¯ and we think this is the right question to ask because we think the franchise is too important to ignore like the sectarians and some anarchists do. In fact, in the reorganization of society for species survival we call the socialist revolution, the working class will be voting on all the important questions and not once over 2,4 or 6 years but every day! How do we make a start to accomplish this revolution?

We propose a fighting workers¡¯ Labor Party. The political program of this party will codify an uncompromising struggle against exploitation and oppression of every kind. The workers and oppressed will at last have their own party beholden to no interests but their own and one which will champion all their struggles. Naturally, this party will champion the self-defense of immigrants and all victimized communities. We will likewise see survival as a function of socially necessary labor. This means ¡°Jobs For All¡± with a reduced work week (30 for 40) and a sliding scale of wages and hours. The U.S.A. that has a future will require massive public works including emergency environmental remediation and restoration, as well as an entirely new energy regime. Even under the present-day regime, party candidates will be workers who fight for such reforms as part of a program that links the struggles and consciousness of today with the historic tasks of the workers¡¯ socialist program.

For workers power! For socialism!

We will not forget these victims of the worst act of fascist violence in the modern era.

Pittsburgh victims of Anti-Semitism. ?

Joyce Fienberg, 75

Rich Gottfried, 65

Rose Mallinger, 97

Jerry Rabinowitz, 66

Cecil Rosenthal, 59

David Rosenthal, 54

Bernice Simon, 84

Sylvan Simon, 86

Daniel Stein, 71

Melvin Wax, 88

Irving Younger, 69

Louisville, Kentucky victims of anti-black racism:

Maurice Stallard, 69

Vickie Lee Jones, 67


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